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Laptop advice
  Cray0ns, Apr 03 2010

The hardrive on my old laptop just died so I'm looking to pick up a new one. It really only needs to do basic stuff including:
1) play the pokers (I usually go hud-less on my lappy to mix it up, but ability to run hem or pt3 would be nice)
2) internets
3) export to tv - preferably with hdmi out so I can export to a hd tv at decent quality .
4) excel

I expect I should be able to get one reasonably priced with such low requirements. Budget isn't an issue, but it seems I shouldn't have to go much higher than 600 and 1k+ seems like overkill unless someone gives me a good reason. Then again I'm not sure why I shouldn't even get something for around 300. I'm likley going to just look for something on fatwallet or slickdeals, or do bingcashback on tigerdirect, and or even just grab a refurb off delloutlet. I'm not sure how low I should go with specs though before I get into issues.

Any tips? Also wtf is a netbook - is that what I want here?

This is bigger than I want but meh - I don't want to sweat this process very much.

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Skate 2 PS3
  Cray0ns, Aug 02 2009

Anyone out there play this?

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Starcraft PL Fantasy Pool
  Cray0ns, May 28 2009

Just seeing if anyone wants to throw in 5 to 20 bucks on highest score in the Team Liquid fantasy for Round 5 of the Proleague. IF there's decent interest we can start a thread in general.


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